You Just Never Know

When I was thinking of a title for this post, I laughed because… you just never know. What do I mean by that? Let me tell you a story about what has happened to me the past few weeks and it will all come to light. You see, it all started when I was around thirteen. I noticed my heart would sometimes go into random “episodes” where it would race, and also slow WAY down to the point of me almost passing out. This problem I have dealt with half of my life and it only usually lasted around five minutes or so then it would somehow go back to “normal”. Well, as I am getting older, I have noticed that it has gradually gotten worse. A few years ago they even had to flat line me and restart my heart to cause it go into “normal” mode using paddles. You know what I am talking about… “CLEAR!” then comes the zap. Well, turns out that was a temporary fix. You see, I haven’t been able to blog, work, or even walk around the past week as I noticed my heart was doing it’s thing again. This time I was alone as my partner in life, business, and love was out of town on her 30th birthday trip with her girlfriends. They all went to wine country in CA. Needless to say, I called her and let her know about my condition and that I was headed to the hospital. They ended up checking me in, keeping me for four days, and doing heart surgery on me. You see, before that I was good! No issues, everything was going well, business was amazing, and Erin and my relationship was incredible. Then, randomly one day it could have been gone. Randomly, I was undergoing heart surgery, and Erin had to come home from her birthday trip early to meet me in the hospital. You just never know. So my blog today is less about business, and more about not taking a single moment for granted. I see everyone right now around me in a different light. They are all so busy, so busy they have to text while driving and go,go,go! People don’t take a second to realize what they are really doing and what kind of things they are engaging in. Are the things you doing today making you really happy? Are you happy? If not, I suggest you become happy. You should be… I mean, you woke up today right? Tomorrow when you wake up, go out side… take a deep breath… and look around. Look at all the beauty that this world has to offer. Be grateful, be loving, and caring to those around you. Never take one moment for granted. Live each day as it was your last. Even in your business, make sure you are doing the things that will enable you to reach your true emotional connection to your business, like spending time with your kids or loved ones. Get back to being an entrepreneur!