“You Can Do It!”

I love the title of this blog because it really is so true. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING that you put your mind to. We have literally exploded our business in a short and fast 14 months. Our client list consists of the world’s top minds and brilliant people alive. We are truly humbled and blessed to be where we are in our lives. We have had people call us lucky, fortunate, and even assume that we were given this opportunity. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We are blessed and fortunate, etc. But we aren’t like Donald Trump who was given 200,000,000 dollars to start off with. We invested everything we had into a dream and an idea. You see, entrepreneurship is tough, it is a road less traveled and most people think that just because they are an entrepreneur they will be financially free and be able to do whatever they want. This is true, IF and only if you bust your bum. You have to be willing to loose it all in order to succeed. You cannot be afraid to fail. You have to look at the economic situation of the world as an amazing opportunity, and seize the opportunity. The greatest ideas and passion are useless with out action. You are capable of doing whatever you want, and creating a space where you can buy what you want, travel wherever you want, and be whatever you want… if you are willing to take the leap of faith. One of my mentors, Bill Walsh, gives an analogy. He says, “look at this glass of water. How many of you would be willing to pay me $10,000 for it?” Then he waits for a response or a show of hands… no one does. Then he says, “What if we were in the desert and your head was on fire and this was the only water around?” People then raise hands and yell out that they would pay whatever he wants for it. The point here is, if you have a strong enough need and a reason for doing something, then you will take action and get the results you need and want.Take action and do not hold back. You can do anything! Get back to being an entrepreneur and take action on getting your life back, and securing your financial freedom today!