Web Presence Is A MUST!

Today I was driving home and saw a billboard and it made me think about marketing. I wondered if the truck load of cash that particular business spent on that billboard will ever return the investment, Then I started to laugh out loud, my 9 month old son Parker in the back seat laughed too. I wondered then if he could read my thoughts. LOL. Seriously though, the reason I started to laugh was because I thought back on my life and I can honestly say that I have NEVER called or went to a website of a business that I saw on a billboard. I mean, who really calls on those things?

I immediately compared a billboard to the thousands of websites I have seen that are simply a billboard. I mean in the sense of no call to action other than a phone number or email address. This type of marketing is less than effective offline, why do people do the same online? Think about your site, is it just a billboard in a sea of billboards that get overlooked? What do you mean “a call to action” Nate? I have a ton of ways we can drastically help any website, stay tuned to the Blog and I will tell you!
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