The Next Step

I hope you all enjoyed my last blog post. Now that you are ready to make that change and look at the current economic state as the glass being half full, seeing the incredible opportunity to take advantage and be more successful, I want you to write that reason down. You need to write down the reason you started your business, the deep emotional connection for you being an entrepreneur. Write it down and look at it everyday. Remember that you each have many choices to make every single day, and the best way to start that day is with the right choice and memory to do whatever it takes to reach your business goals, to enable you to do whatever the true reason was that you became an entrepreneur in the first place. Place this note somewhere where you will see it often and remember it. Now that you are on the right path to your success, never stray. No matter what, never let anyone shake you, or make you doubt that it can’t be done. Hold on to that and choose to make each day the best so you can take steps every day in the right direction to achieve these goals. This is so important I cannot tell you. With out this, you will not truly be able to hit the reset button and empower yourself with the abilities necessary to do it, day in and day out. Ok, the next step. What is it? It is to look at what you were doing yesterday and the countless days before that and change that. You see, you did a really difficult thing; you chose to reset your mind. That is crucial, but not the hardest. Now you actually have to implement and do. You have to break yourself and your business of the habits you are currently in. And let me tell you, breaking habits is not a very easy thing to do. This is where the note I had you write will come in handy every single day. There is a reason that you are in the situation you are in, it wasn’t working, and it wasn’t enabling you to reach your true reasons for being an entrepreneur. What were the reasons? Were they to spend more free time with your loved ones, children, or your spouse? Hang on tight to these reasons, for they will become forever the main reason you do anything in your life. An emotional tie, nothing is more powerful. So, now you have the reason, you have the business, what is next? Accountability. Accountability is the next step. Who is going to hold you accountable? Can you hold yourself accountable? Most entrepreneurs cannot, and this is why they are in this bind in the first place, and why most of you will fall right back into the rut you were just in. It is sad, I know. Facts hurt, the truth hurts. I say these things to impress upon you the importance of follow through. Get yourself an accountability partner. If you have a business partner, they can hold you accountable and you can hold them accountable. If you are alone in this business venture, then look to someone else, but get one. Get a coach… everyone needs a coach. Even Michael Jordan had a coach. You have to make sure you don’t fall back into the same routine you were just in, when you were brought to the fork in the road and forced to make a choice to change or keep on the path to utter failure, like so many businesses today. Remember, this is an amazing time to be alive, an amazing time to be an entrepreneur. Now that you are changing your business to help you get to your goals, what else do you need to change? We will work on that next time. Get back to being an entrepreneur!