The NEW Way To Market

I recently have spent some time with some VERY impressive people in marketing, not just in the Internet Marketing realm. Does the name Frank Kern ring a bell? How about Micah Mitchell? Emerson Brantley? These names should mean something to you, as they are some of the best marketers around. They are all singing a new song and dance when it comes to marketing. Frank Kern has become one of the world’s top Internet Marketers through his powerful JV launches and Affiliate product launches. Micah Mitchell is one of the most technologically advanced minds around, and Emerson Brantley has mad quite a name for himself in anything and everything marketing. I bring these names up because we are working with a few of them. 🙂 At AutoMarketing Pros we strive to be the world’s best and foremost marketing company around, providing the best service and products available for entrepreneurs.

These marketing geniuses and AutoMarketing Pros are all on the same page… business has changed, and is a constant state of change. You can no longer see the curve and survive, you must stay ahead of the curve. Because I promise that your competition is, or they are at least trying to be. You have to constantly reinvent yourself, your business, and your products/services. Your clients want something new and fresh that will not be another “shelf help” thing they bought online or at a seminar. People want interaction, people want customer service, people want relationships and trust with whom they choose to business with.

In Frank Kern’s recent “State of the Internet Address” he spoke about these very topics. Here are some tips, you must provide MASSIVE value to your clients. No one is going to be happy if they spend $997 on a product/service and receive only $100 in value, the investment MUST be returned at least 3 times for them to feel like they got something out of what they just spent their hard earned cash on. You must figure out how to sell your product/service and provide so much value and such a level of customer service that they are shouting from the roof tops that everyone needs to use this. You see what you just did, by doing this simple thing you just accomplished two other major things that most businesses today overlook… 1) Repeat Clients and 2) Referrals.

People will be so happy with your customer service that they will tell everyone they know about you, bringing in easy referrals that statistically close at a 50% rate or higher. And let me fill you in on a little secret… the easiest people in the world to sell are your existing clients! The people who already bought from you will buy again if they see value!

Do this simple thing and watch your revenues skyrocket! Have fun, enjoy, and get back to being an entrepreneur!