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Robert G. Allen

Robert Allen commands an information empire that spans best-selling books, webinars, CD’s and DVD’s, television appearances and more. When it was time to bring his vast line of deliverables under one roof, set it and forget it, Robert found The Ultimate Technology Partners with AutoMarketing Pros!

Mark Victor Hansen

Having sold roughly 157 million books (and counting), Mark Victor Hansen has boiled his profit-making philosophy down to 2 steps: Innovate, and then Market. With AMP, he found experts at both…!

Les Brown

As the world’s pre-eminent motivational speaker and success coach, Les Brown insists on surrounding himself only with people of the highest integrity. He doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care… That’s why he came to Nate Bloom & AMP!

Bill Walsh

As one of the world’s pre-eminent motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, Bill Walsh knows when to get excited. Bill does not recommend anything to his clients that does not work…..AMP WORKS.

Sam Crowley

As a former Fortune 100 executive who launched the personal development brand Every Day Is Saturday and the hugely successful website EverydayIsSaturday.com. Sam is also a best-selling co-author, speaker and business coach.

Jeff and Kane

Jeff and Kane signed on with AMP and it has helped to change their business! Listen to their experience with AutoMarketing Pros!

Marco Kozlowski

Marco Kozlowski shares his thoughts on AMP and their work, and what it has done for his business! AMP has completely rebuilt his Internet marketing strategy, and are taking his company and profits to a new level!

Tommy Lee

After 16 years in business, Tommy Lee isn’t about to put his Web Marketing in the hands of a company that can’t deliver the goods. By treating his Company as though it were our own, AMP gave Tommy a brand new take on what Customer Service really means!

Dr. Rich Schuttler

After 25 years in the Armed Forces, a long stint as Dean of the University of Phoenix and a successful career in business coaching, Dr. Rich Schuttler knows the importance of having “get-it-done” people in his corner that he can trust. For Dr. Rich, it’s Nate Bloom and AMP… or nothing!

Conor Kelly

Conor Kelly of Evolution Fitness wasn’t asking for much… all he wanted was the world’s most advanced Online Marketing Platform, and he wanted it right now. Get Back To Being An Entrepreneur, Conor… Our system does it all!

Julie Muller

Julie Muller had already achieved great renown with her organizational and self-improvement genius, bringing dozens upon dozens of clients “Peace Of Mind” on a regional scale. When the time came to extend the reach of her message, Julie went big… as in, global. AutoMarketing Pros answered the call with a customized marketing strategy to put Chicks Connect before a world audience.

Terri Tibbs

If you’d like to know how it feels to revolutionize your entire Marketing Strategy in just one day, just ask Terri Tibbs of YourHRUSA! After her first meeting with AutoMarketing Pros, Terri was comfortable knowing that she could “Get Back To Being An Entrepreneur”!

DC Gilman

AMP makes this entrepreneur do the Pee-Pee dance with excitement! AMP have changed his life! AutoMarketingPros!