Take Pride In Your Work

I feel the need to express my thoughts on the need to take some pride in your work. I was always taught to take care of the people around you. There are a few parts to this equation. One is the need to take care of the people around you because you never know who they know, you never know if you are taking advantage of someone who is connected to someone who is on your top ten list of clients to have. 🙂 I will elaborate, I thought of this topic because we are working with a high profile client. We were at one of their homes in Paradise Valley, AZ this past week working on a project together. And they were on the phone with a web developer. There was some confusion on the work that was being completed and invoiced for and the work that was actually completed. You see they got money hungry, as so many people are right now, and they wanted to charge way more for the contract and job than that which was originally estimated. Thank goodness we caught this and went through the site they had developed, and caught so many errors. They were trying to get more money and get paid a job that was less that satisfactory or near completion. Unbelievable. Little did they know that the client they were trying to get the best of, first off, had AutoMarketing Pros on their team, and secondly, who the client actually was! This client is HUGE! And could be worth a ton of money to them if they had only taken care of them and taken some pride in their work. At AutoMarketing Pros we have the humbling opportunity to work with some incredible successful people and they all sing the same tune, “Help everyone around you get what they need first, and you will be so successful you won’t know what to do with all of the money you generate.” We are living proof that this works. We have done incredibly and are very successful because we help others around us before we help ourselves. This is why you have all heard me speak about representing your brand and living your company, brand. You could be sitting next to someone on the airplane or at an event that could literally help you make millions, you just never know. The second part of this equation is to always do a good job. Even us, with clients such as Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, John Gray, Rich Bernstein, and so many other high profile clients, we get requests for referrals or references. You must take care of your clients. This shines through your work, your product, and your everyday interactions with your prospects and clients. Always do your best work, always be willing to take a hit to empower the people around you achieve their goals, I promise you that if you follow this simple plan, even if it is a loss for you to do so sometimes, it will pay off. That person could refer ten people to your business tomorrow that will close at a 50% rate, and you just picked up 5 new paying members! Does it sound too easy? It is! It literally is too simple. And the sad thing is, most people overlook these basic fundamentals and it is killing them and their business. Get back to being an entrepreneur and have AutoMarketing Pros help you on this path to unlocking your true greatness.