Playing Catch Up

Hey all, sorry about missing a few days on the blog. I have been traveling nonstop, speaking at events, and connecting with some very important people. We were recently at the Powerteam International Rainmaker Summit event in Newport Beach, California. While we were there, we not only spoke to entrepreneurs and presented AutoMarketingPros’ service, we networked and picked up new clients. At the event, Bill Walsh spoke and taught about the power of relationships. I am a firm believer on this principle. Let me tell you… RELATIONSHIPS ARE EVERYTHING!

The only reason AutoMarketingPros is so successful is because of the valuable relationships we have created with major players in the game. Take care of every person you come in contact with. You never know who could be your next client, or who they will refer over to you and take your business to a level you never though possible. This is exactly what happened to us at AutoMarketingPros. We took care of a very high end client, Tommy Lee, a business coach and entrepreneur. He owns East Coast Martial Arts, and is not only a dear friend of mine but a client as well. I took care of Tommy and treated him as I wanted to be treated. He then, two years later, referred us to Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, and to Bill Walsh… who eventually became not only a client but our business partner that propelled our business to heights we thought would take us years to achieve. Value your contacts, clients, and everyone. Represent your business with integrity and passion. Live your core values, don’t just write them down and think they are a good idea. LIVE THEM. Do another thing, not only represent your business this way, but yourself personally. You never know who is watching. Relationships will take your business to new levels by referrals and by upsells and by actually closing more deals. This is the foundation of the future of online marketing solution, AutoMarketingPros, and why every business owner who is ready to AMP up their revenues through close customer relationships all the while establishing themselves as the expert in their industry needs a membership solution from us. We are the solution and can custom tailor any package to exactly what you want, while incorporating the latest technology in marketing and automation. Live your dream, be an entrepreneur, join AutoMarketingPros today!