Organizational Skills To Pay The Bills

We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs. And being entrepreneurs ourselves, we know and love them. They are incredible with business strategies and ideas. They definitely have incredible minds and drive. A common thing they lack is sleep, as one of our clients say, “sleep is the brother of death!” These people run and run, a million miles a minute and are always coming up with the latest and greatest way to make millions. Another thing they lack is organization. They need people to put these incredible ideas into action. That is the difference between a successful entrepreneur and one that will eventually work for the man once again.

You can have the world’s greatest idea but if you don’t do anything about it then you might as well have not thought about it, right? You have to be organized, have a plan of attack, and draw it out! I love drawing, I have been an artist for years and love the visual effect on business processes. I recommend to all of our clients that they go and invest into a large whiteboard, and draw out the sales processes and marketing plans. We will go into that more in the future and how we can do this effectively. All of these things will keep the project, or most often than not projects (plural) 🙂 on task and on point. With these simple strategies and practices in place, you will be organized and have an effective map of the business and be able to track completion of each step. Now all you need is the right team in place to build it! More on this tomorrow.