New Year, New Direction

Well, I know it has been a while. Wow, almost a full month! And man oh man was it a crazy one at that! I have been in and out of hospitals this past few months experiencing some pretty hefty health problems. As I have stated in the past on this blog, I have a serious heart condition. I have had two surgeries, a Pacemaker implant, and countless tests and issues. Not fun, but through all of this, I have had the best support from family, friends, loved ones, and partners. I have said it in the past, it is SO important to keep yourself surrounded with people who care about you, and that uplift and support you, no matter what. It has helped me get through 2010, which was one crazy year.

Now we are on to 2011, can you believe it? Where did 2010 go? I feel that people were so caught up in the economic state and all of the drama of that year that the time just flew by. It was sad to watch, but so many entrepreneurs were caught up in this stuff that they didn’t even take two seconds to realize the opportunity that this past year presented to us all. There was and still is opportunity everywhere! Did you know that there were more Millionaires made during the Great Depression than in any other time in history? Well, experts said that we were as close to that historical time in history the past year than in any other time. Wow. What did you do? Did you get caught up in the griping and complaining? Or did you seize the opportunity that was put before you?

What are you going to do differently in 2011? Do you have a plan? Have you even thought about it? Don’t worry if you haven’t. Many entrepreneurs right now have not even started with their year plan and here we are already making a dent into 2011. Sit down, relax, take a deep breath, and get ready for the year. You have the power to create your own destiny, your own future, your own success. You just have to dig deep into your heart and mind and pull it out, put it on paper, and do it. You see, all of the most important information in history is useless with out implementation. Actually putting the information and knowledge gained into action. So you have to tell yourself, what are you going to do, sit there and not take action to change your current state? Or are you going to pull out some ideas, actually be an entrepreneur, and get to work! If you need some direction and help to be more successful this year, I have put together a few ideas for you…

Here are some tips for this upcoming year:

1) Get more involved.

  • Engage Customers, communicate more effectively with your existing client base! Follow up after someone is a client, you are sitting on a gold mine of repeat business and referrals. One of the best things you can do to maintain a relationship with your client base is remember their birthdays! I was at an event speaking on stage in front of an ocean of entrepreneurs. I asked if they had ever gotten a Happy Birthday card or anything from a company on their birthday. Only 10 people raised their hands. I was shocked. Then I followed that question up with another. I asked how many of those ten people remember the company that sent it to them. every single person knew the company and shouted it out proudly when I called on them to tell me who it was. There was no delay in their response. This is so easy to do and clearly, very effective.
  • Ask your clients to send you referrals. People will send them to you, all you have to do is ask. Think about it, if you had a great experience with a certain organization, to the point where you trusted them and they remembered your birthday, would you send someone you know to them? What if that company asked you? Even better, what if this company actually had an Affiliate program where you would be incentivised to do so? Of course you would, and people do.

2) Becoming Social.

  • This is huge, you have to be more social. Social Media has been the hottest thing in marketing for a few years now, but people and companies are actually just now getting started. Take 2011 and step up your Social Media game. You see it everywhere. Do you notice? Do you believe in it? You should. Pay close attention to the TV next time you get a chance to watch. Pay attention to the commercials. At the end of them, the majority of the time you will see “Follow Us on Twitter and Facebook at…..” This is the future people. Jump on the band wagon before it is too late. In entrepreneurship you need to be ahead of the curve, not trying to catch it.

3) Be Charitable.

  • Look for more opportunities to help others. Help others around you become successful and you will achieve more success than you ever thought possible. Trust me, this works. Look for ways to promote, help, inspire, or grow a fellow business and watch your success bloom. Pay it forward. This will be critical in 2011, we are in this together, let’s help one another out.

I hope this helps you on your path to establishing a solid game plan for 2011. Let’s make it the best year ever, remember… you have the power to create success beyond your wildest dreams, it is with in you. Thank you very much for reading and I ask that you share this blog, this website with all of your friends and family and fellow entrepreneurs. AutoMarketing Pros, Get Back To Being An Entrepreneur!