Much Needed For Any Business Owner

Here is the tip of all tips for ANY business owner. In fact, anyone could apply this principle to achieve greater success in life, love, and business. I have been all around the world and worked with thousands of the top entrepreneurs in the world. Our company has been fortunate enough to work with people like Dr. John Gray (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus), Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup For The Soul and One Minute Millionaire), Les Brown (World’s Top Motivational Speaker), Dr. Rich Schuttler (Former Dean Of The University Of Phoenix), Bill Walsh (Top Business Coach and Venture Capitalist), Tommy Lee (Top Sales Coach and Martial Artist), Rich Bernstein (Top Business Coach and CEO of Mars Venus Coaching), and SO many others. These people are so intelligent it blows my mind, and I have mentioned them more than a few times to say the least. However, even this tip they love. We are blessed, humbled, and fortunate to have clients as listed before. Entrepreneurs are coming to AutoMarketing Pros loving what we do, and seeing the benefit of with working with us, as the best are working with us. So why do I say all this before I give away my top secret? I do this to preface. I need you all to appreciate where we are as a company and the caliber of people we are engaged with. So, if this tip has helped them, and has recently helped us… there is no doubt that it will help you.

I know that a lot of you are just starting off in your new businesses, or feeling the pains of entrepreneurship through out this past year. The amazing thing is, this tip, if used by all of you, will change all of the hardships and trials you are experiencing. I know it is tough to start and run a business, manage all of the expenses, finances, and employees. It is really tough. Often there is not enough hours in a day to accomplish everything we have to do as business owners and entrepreneurs. We often feel burnt out, stressed, and overwhelmed. This tip will enable you to to focus, reinvent, and feel refreshed… ready to tackle everything we need to as entrepreneurs.

I have learned so much working with these people, and so many others that we have worked with but didn’t mention, but this is the most important thing we have incorporated into AutoMarketing Pros as a company. Here it is: Take A Vacation.

I know a lot of you are scratching your heads right now asking yourselves, “Seriously? That’s it??” I am saying, YES! That is literally it. You have to make time for yourselves. If you don’t, as many of you can relate, you will be burnt out, not motivated, and lack drive. You have to schedule this vacation, and take it. Turn off your phones, and leave the world behind. Trust me. It doesn’t need to be something crazy or really long. Just take a weekend and go somewhere, drive, fly, whatever… just get away and recenter yourselves. This will be the most rewarding thing you can do for your business and self. Get Back To Being An Entrepreneur!