Mind Boggling Stats

I was on a plane to Las Vegas this past week and I read in a magazine that was jammed in the seat pocket in front of me some pretty incredible stats that blew my mind. You have all heard me say in the past, in fact I say it a lot, that business is changing. Don’t agree? Check this out: The total amount of texts sent last year in the US: 1 Trillion texts! Did you also know that the number of text messages per day on average 
is as follows: Zero: 2%
 1-10: 22% 
11-50: 28%
 51-100: 16%
 100+: 31%.

-Gender-wise Text Messages Per Day – Women: 125 Men: 101

-Texting by adults has increased over the past nine months from 65% of adults sending and receiving texts in September 2009 to 72% texting in May 2010.

-Adults who text typically send and receive a median of 10 texts a day; teens who text send and receive a median of 50 texts per day.

-5% of all adult texters send more than 200 text messages a day or more than 6,000 texts a month.

Here are some other stats to make you think:

US Population-

* 95% send or receive text messages
* 93% use their phone to take pictures
* 81% send photos or videos to others
* 65% access the internet on their mobile device
* 64% play music on their phones
* 60% use their phones to play games or record a video
* 52% have used their phone to send or receive email
* 48% have accessed a social networking site on their phone
* 46% use instant messaging on their mobile device
* 40% have watched a video on their phone
* 33% have posted a photo or video online from their phone
* 21% have used a status update service such as Twitter from their phone
* 20% have purchased something using their mobile phone
* 19% have made a charitable donation by text message

This is crazy to think about eh? Oh man is business changing. If you aren’t leveraging text, mobile websites, and mobile applications you are missing the boat. I read that over 85% of the entire population on Earth is actively texting! This is why AutoMarketing Pros has developed and implements text messaging into every application they build for clients. Join the AutoMarketing Pros family and stay ahead of the curve with the most advanced marketing platform on the planet, leveraged and managed by experts… AutoMarketing Pros! Get back to being an entrepreneur.