How to Take Your Idea To The Bank

I want to help you all take your ideas to the bank, whether it is a new idea and business, or an existing one. Here are five steps to make it happen:

Step One, deciding that you want to be an entrepreneur. A lot of people start businesses for different reasons. Maybe it is to be able to do a better job at what you are currently doing than your current employer, maybe it is to have more free time to spend with the ones that you love, or maybe it is to make more money and be financial independent and stop living paycheck to paycheck. It may be any of these reasons, or reasons that I didn’t mention… or perhaps even the combination of all of these reasons. Whatever the reason, it all starts with the idea of you going into business for yourself. That means becoming an entrepreneur. Welcome to the club. It is a long tough road, and a road not traveled by the average Joe. Congratulations, you are now part of an elite group. This will be the hardest thing you have ever done.

Step Two, having that great idea. It takes a great idea to be able to venture out into the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. You can’t just quit your current job, put your financial situation at risk and not have a great idea. It doesn’t even have to be a million dollar idea, just something that you are passionate about that will empower you to do this. So many people get an idea, and have no clue on what to do next. Cue the next step.

Step Three, taking action. Now that you have decided that you want to get out of that dead end job, and you have a great idea of what you want to do, it is time to take action and actually do something about it. This is where most people stop, turn around, or get lost on the road to success. As stated before, it doesn’t need to be a million dollar idea, and it sure as heck doesn’t need to cost a million dollars to put it to action. So many people get hung up here. They are afraid. You see, we are creatures of habit. We are afraid of change, which is just crazy to me. Change is such a good thing. We should all embrace it. People are afraid of feeling uncomfortable. They are afraid of the consequences of their actions. Stop and think for two seconds about the fact that consequences can be good, not just bad. So many of us think about a consequence as a bad thing. Well there are consequences to every action we take. They can be good or bad. Just take the right action, believe in yourself and know your potential. Don’t be afraid. Do you think Bill Gates was afraid to get involved in some software and computer stuff when it was such a “futuristic” non realistic idea? Of course he was, but there is one key difference to those who make it and those who don’t… it is this step, the people that make it big take action.

Step Four, Be willing to lose it all. If you have made it to this step then you are doing really well! Nicely done, well played. Now the steps get harder. You make the decision to change your current situation and go into business for yourself, you have a great idea, and you take action. You actually quit your job, you step out of your comfort zone to better yourself and your family. Now you have to go even deeper into the uncomfortable state of being an entrepreneur. You have to bet on yourself. You have to dump a ton of time, effort, and money into this incredible idea that is going to enable you to reach your goals. So many people go astray here as well because they go out and attend seminars, they buy what I call “Shelf Help” products. This is because they get sold some package that is supposed to help them, and they never use it… it sits on a shelf. They go and hire consultants that are no good and offer bad advice. Did you know that last year people spent over 100 Billion dollars on consultants? And the funniest part is, we are in a recession! Crazy. They must have been really good eh? Why did all of these companies close and go out of business, why do over 80% of all businesses that start in a year fail within the first three months? Bad advice, wrong turns, and poor judgments. Listen, you have to believe in yourself, you have to know that you can do this. There is so much FREE stuff out in the Internet that you can look up, that will help you, guide you to the light. There is also so many great consultants out there, so many great products out there that can help. It all starts with you. You have to be able to approach anyone and everyone, talk about your business and not be effected by what they say to you. If you need capital and are going to a bank and get turned down time and time again, don’t stop. So many people do. I bet we would be amazed at the technology, the health care improvements, the environmental enhancements and efficient products and services that were thought of, decided upon, and then were shot down, so they gave up. It is tough work to do this. It is hard to be rejected again, and again. No one likes rejection. No one wants to be told that their idea will never make it. That they are not good enough. Trust me, you are. The people that make it big, I mean really big, never stop. Hang on to whatever your idea, your emotional tie to your idea, your business with all of your might. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Step Five, get a coach. Tiger Woods, one of the greatest athletes to ever live has a coach, even to this day. Michael Jordan, had a coach. You need someone who you can rely on. Someone who has done this before, that can point you in the right direction. Let someone else make the mistakes and then go ask them what they did so you can avoid doing them. Now there’s a bright idea and funny concept. 🙂 Learn from the others around you. If you think that coaches are expensive, you are right. They are, but they are great and a critical component to your success. This may be the case, but there is also something called a free coach, and so many people overlook these types of coaches. So many millionaires we have met all sing the same song… surround yourself with the people that you want to be like. These people can be free, and some of the most influential people you ever incorporate into your business. They will advise, they will coach, and they will tell you how to reach mastery and moke some serious cash.

If you put these principals to work in your new business, I promise… because I have done it, you will be successful. You will be able to take your idea all the way to the bank. Cash in on it. The best part about listening to this advice, it enables you to truly be an entrepreneur. And if you already have a business and are struggling, you can use these simple steps as well to improve your current situation and turn things around. On a side note, AutoMarketing Pros was developed and built on these principals, and provides this exact help and guidance for all of our clients, we have some of the top business people in the world using us, and we have entrepreneurs that just have an idea and are brand new start ups. Whatever your situation, we can help. Get back to being an entrepreneur, or start off being an entrepreneur the right way and enjoy.