How Did I Do It?

How Did I Do It?

I am on a plane right now, 32,000 feet above the world and was sitting here in first class next to someone amazing (sleeping…) and stated thinking of all of you.

I decided to pull out my computer and start working on my next book. It is based on an experience  that I recently had while I was speaking with the ever so amazing Robert Allen (Best selling author of Nothing Down, Cash In A Flash, The One Minute Millionaire, Multiple Streams Of Income, and many more).

This book idea came to me like the other books I have written, like lightning. A rush of adrenaline and chills, making your hair stand on end.  As you may or may not know, I travel all over the world and speak to thousands of people, educating them on marketing, business, Internet stuff, and personal development. When I was in beautiful San Diego with Robert Allen speaking, I spoke for about 4-5 hours on Friday and was supposed to do another 2 hours on Saturday. When I returned on Saturday and went on stage, I got this overwhelming feeling that this group of entrepreneurs want more.

I had another complete presentation prepared for the day and everything. I knew when I got this feeling that it would not be enough for this group. I got up there, took off my suit coat, and pulled out a chair. that there and scrapped my entire presentation. I wanted to do something that I haven’t done before. I wanted to give this audience exactly what it wanted. I decided to do a complete, unscripted live Q&A session with me and my COO and CMO.

I had two other chairs brought up and we all sat there for three hours allowing anyone and everyone to drill us with questions. Man I was nervous. I relinquished control of the stage by allowing them to control the content of the presentation. I can honestly say that this was probably the best “speech” I have ever done. The feedback was incredible and I learned so much about my audience and what they really want. They want to know how I did it. How do you make money, real money online? How do you succeed in business during this recession? How, how, how…?

During this 3 hour session, we answered so many questions about random business tactics and tips and strategies. I stated noticing that the majority of the questions’ answers were all about relationships. Hence the birth of my newest book coming soon.

Take action, do something, stop procrastinating, stop wasting time. Spend your time nurturing the relationships that you have in your life, business related or not. You never know what can come out of them or when you need something who will be there.

Get back to being an entrepreneur and love what you are doing! 🙂