Effective Communication

Sorry about yesterday’s post… I was traveling ALL day.

Effective communication refers to more than just opening your mouth and speaking when something is on your mind. And it definitely has to do with more than just your romantic relationship. 🙂 Who hasn’t heard of effective communication in that scenario right? It also applies to your business, how you communicate with your prospects and / or clients is a huge part of feeling the economic downturn or not. I say that because I am a firm believer that companies who are effectively communicating to everyone, customers or not, are affected less by this recession than those who aren’t.

So what do I mean by effective communication? Earlier posts to the blog are talking about web presence and calls to action. Well that is only part of the equation. Now you have to nurture that relationship and value it more than ever, especially right now. Many of you know of the automated email systems out there right now, Aweber, Constant Contact, Blah, Blah, Blah, right? Well this is one way to communicate with a prospect or client, but in my opinion not an entirely effective way to communicate with them. These types of “autoresponders” are a decent tool to automatically send a series of emails to someone, or to do “blast” emails out to your list, however there are some key reasons why I am not such a fan. Anybody can load a list, or build a list from opt in, and fire off some emails… that is easy, and as recent studies have shown, not very effective. Most of these emails are going to junk folders and aren’t even being opened. So with those taken out of the loop, what do we use Nate? Well people, there is a reason AutoMarketingPros exists in the ever changing business world today and we can do things that no other system on the market can, we aren’t just a system… we are the SOLUTION! See you tomorrow!