Control Freak (aka Entrepreneur)

I was in the Atlanta airport waiting on a flight back to Phoenix that was delayed due to a killer lightning storm that shut down the entire airport. I decided to walk down and spend a ridiculous amount of money on a pillow, hey I was tired, and also a magazine called Entrepreneur. If you haven’t read this publication, I highly recommend it. Never stop educating yourself as you can always get better and achieve higher success. Anyways, in an article with Cheryl Cran they were talking about entrepreneurs being control freaks. Man let me tell you, working with entrepreneurs for the past several years and being one myself, I can attest to the fact that entrepreneurs are definitely control freaks! That’s not a bad thing per say, actually we all need to be in order to be successful entrepreneurs. However, there comes a point where we need to be able to delegate certain operations of our businesses. Have you ever read Michael Gerber’s book The E-Myth Revisited? If not, go… go now and just buy it per my recommendation and read it a few times. I have read it around 20 times. It is amazing. In the book he talks about entrepreneurship and the neccessity to be the manager, technician and the entrepreneur. Most of us already know that, being entrepreneurs ourselves, but there is a time and a need to delegate. This is when my other blog posts will come in handy. I have spoken many times on the importance of the right team, and the need to pass responsibilities to employees or partners. Being an entrepreneur, we dump everything we have into our businesses. They are our lives, our future, and our means to provide for our wants, desires, needs, and our families. I get that, we don’t want to put our reputations, our lively-hood in the hands of incompetent employees who can in no way care about our businesses like we do, or can they? I believe, and I know from first hand experience with my employees that they can. We have to trust that the people we are bringing on care and will put as much love and attention into everything they do for our companies as we do. Here is my advice, and how I have become so successful. Don’t try and do everything yourself. You simply cannot scale that kind of business model to grow the way you need to. Hire the right people, delegate certain jobs, or work to them. Rely on people to help grow and give you the peace of mind and free time that in necessary to grow.