Building An Effective Community

I have spoken on this subject a few times, and I have recently been traveling and doing events again. AutoMarketing Pros is doing some very cool things, and doing business with some of the world’s best. We are very blessed. While speaking and training at these events, and through our social media platforms, we have been asked a few questions about the subject of building a strong community. And as I have stated in the past many times… it is all about relationships. You have heard, read, and seen me speak about business and how it has completely changed from how things used to be. Now it is all about customer service, relationships, and trust. People want to do business with people they know and trust. People who have the credibility, reputation, and people that will help them achieve their goals.

Customer service is no longer a thing that we can just over look, or don’t have to put up with anymore. We can no longer just sell a product or service and move on to the next customer who is spending money with us. We have to nurture people. Even prospects, people who have not yet become clients of yours. There are several ways to accomplish this with today’s technology and watch your business skyrocket. Technology is great, but I see people abuse it and go way overboard with it, basically I am saying that technology can be your best friend and really help your business or it can destroy your business and everything you have worked so hard to build, overnight.

Through my Twitter account, I have a person ask me how to build a strong following, and powerful community. How much is too much, how often to post on Facebook and Twitter… These social media platforms are the best way, in my opinion, to build this trust, following, and community to increase sales. While I was writing this person back who originally asked me the questions, I saw a Tweet from a guy who I immediately un-followed. This person posed twelve Tweets all at the same time. The funny thing about this is that anyone knows that it is literally impossible to post twelve times within a second. Unbelievable. This is what I am talking about when I say that technology can destroy your reputation. Here is my biggest tip: Please be careful and watch how you automate. People watch these things and do not want to be a part of a community where they know they are dealing with tools and not the guru, or expert… you! People want personal interaction, they want you! This is why the top social media experts advise you to brand yourself, not the company. People don’t want to be a part of a company, unless it is Disney or some other really cool thing. They want you.

This is why it is so critical to interact on these platforms. Don’t just put a tool in place and hope it grows. Actually get on there and reply to posts, retweet, and comment on people’s comments. But how much is too much? That is a tough question to answer given all the factors. It really depends on your personal business. Some businesses require a lot of interaction, some you can kind of leave alone and not really worry about it. If you are trying to be an expert or guru in something, you need to interact and spend at least an hour or so everyday interacting, on top of your automation tools. Sound like a lot? It isn’t some people I deal with spend hours per day doing this… it takes a lot of work to build a strong following and community. But the pay out will be ten fold. Trust me. 😉

We can dive into this more in the future on my blog, stay tuned! And remember… get back to being an entrepreneur!