AMP Partnership

Actually become partners with AutoMarketing Pros! Imagine these experts getting paid based on your success! The AutoMarketing Pros Partnership Program is for those who already have an existing business and want to take it to the next level.

This includes:

Membership site
WordPress site, new custom created (not template) with all plugin’s needed added to your site. And, your site will be mobile friendly!

Social Media Service
Includes social media build out and consulting, as well as on going consulting and development with unlimited changes and edits

Infusionsoft Service
With text message platform, & on going campaign creation and management!

Account Manager
To run and manage account monthly

Hosting Account
With Email Account Setup

Internet Marketing
The latest products and tools implemented with new branding (if applicable)

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Let’s Launch!

• AMP will assist Client in creating the launch promotional strategy. 

This will include ideas on how to convey a strong sense of urgency to take immediate action, take the program viral and to drive pre-orders.

• Launch strategy may involve online media buying and other marketing components as deemed necessary through collaboration of the entire team (AMP, Client and marketing consultant).

Your Membership site includes:

• Custom built and designed website with full functioning membership site included.  Website to include unlimited number of pages.

Web design includes customized graphic design and overall look and feel to match the Client’s current branding. Or new branding we design.

• Consulting on the operation and layout of the website to ensure highest performance in SEO and for Internet marketing.

Consulting to include word/phrase recommendations that are SEO friendly that copywriter can incorporate into the website copy for increased organic SEO

• Webform creation

• Includes e-Commerce (shopping cart) for products or services.

This includes a full functioning shopping cart with reporting capabilities regarding number of order bailouts, automatic pop-ups for bailouts to attempt to capture final sale, automatic responses for up-sell in the shopping cart (if you liked this item you may also want this item and include a discount for loyal shoppers), and full reporting of discount codes/promotional codes.

• Membership login/member’s area (does not include content)

Development of customized membership login database to cross-reference and ensure a member’s login number corresponds to an account that is an active paying membership customer.  If member is not an active paying customer, link to a page to immediately allow member to renew and reactivate membership into the site

If member’s login information is provided incorrectly, design pop up or response that indicates login is incorrect.  Give member an option to access account through a “forgot password” or “forgot username” option that links to the database for automated responses.  Database should then generate an automated email with a link to the site to re-enter a new password or to retrieve the password/username information securely.  This level of security should include one or two questions that the member must answer in order to retrieve the information.

Unique upsells and multiple memberships designed and built.

Complete custom area for members.

• Website to include videos and social media connections, thank you pages, etc.

Video content will be provided by the Client based upon overall mapping session with AMP.  This will map out the optimal membership site with ideal membership value as perceived by Client and AMP.  Client and AMP recognize this is not a determination of membership satisfaction and membership registration.  This is merely all parties bringing best practices and best professional experience to the project. Video editing will be included.

All pages of the site shall have direct links to the social media pages for Client.

Once a member is registered, an automatic thank you page shall be created as well as an auto generated thank you email containing all of the pertinent login information for the member.

Should someone bail through the membership registration process, an auto generated email and pop-up should be created to attempt to salvage the person.

• Design and personal branding of Client on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

AMP will create a customized fan page for clients on Facebook.  This fan page shall be graphically designed to be consistent with the overall look and feel of the web site.

AMP will also participate in the development of the Facebook strategy so that the fan page is designed to generate leads into the website.  Facebook strategy can include recommendation for:

▪ type of content

▪ frequency of content updates

▪ format of content (i.e. words, videos, audio files, etc.)

▪ advertisement on Facebook

AMP will provide a customized YouTube video channel that will be graphically designed to be consistent with the overall brand of clients web site.  AMP will provide recommendations regarding:

▪ Types of videos to be uploaded (all content and actual videos provided by Client)

▪ Video subject segments

▪ Frequency of uploads

▪ Other marketing of videos to enhance a viral marketing strategy for launch of the site

AMP will provide a customized Twitter page graphically consistent with the overall look and feel of the web site.

• Logo consulting – Branding consulting

• Consulting and mapping of entire site and all membership area and e-commerce actions.

AMP will provide a recommended draft of web site architecture based upon best practices and initial meeting with Client

AMP will provide an architecture map of the membership site that is based upon best practices and initial meeting with Client

AMP will provide a detailed e-Commerce action step map that details specifically how a customer will progress through the buying pages.  This will be in the format of a causal diagram that demonstrates what specific actions or auto responses are generated based upon each action a member makes in the shopping cart.  This will include error pop-ups, discount pop-ups, thank you emails, shipping calculation pop-ups (i.e. add one more item and shipping is free, etc.), etc.  Client will provide specific feedback to AMP based upon initial map provided.

• Build of back end analytics for membership site for highest SEO and prospect tracking.

Analytics to include:

▪ Details of each member – to be determined based upon Client and AMP

▪ Report sorting functionality based upon each category and multiple categories for members (i.e. city, state, total purchasing revenue)

▪ Monthly reporting on the overall functionality of the Web site including number of hits, page views, sources, bail out reports for each page of the site including the membership site, length of time on each page including web site and membership site, total sales by product category from promotional source(s), etc.

▪ Shopping cart interface – ability to automatically generate an order form from the shopping cart to the fulfillment center to ensure prompt response.

▪ Database exporting – once monthly, export database to Client for back up and accounting purposes.  Exporting shall be in comma delimited file format.


Online Marketing Includes:

• Consulting and mapping of marketing strategies and processes

AMP will provide specific online marketing strategies for Client.

AMP to outline the specific funnel for the membership site from initial lead capture email/gift to initial member offer to follow up referral program.

AMP to provide the process necessary for Client to follow through with the specific online marketing strategies including introductions to individuals in AMP’s network that can provide said services or other affiliates/joint venture partners that can assist in the online marketing.

• Build of application according to map designed by AMP and approved by Client.

Once the map of the web site and membership are approved by Client, AMP will begin build out process.  Build out will include providing to Client page graphic designs for approval, Client will provide approved copy for each page, AMP can begin coding and building functionality for each page.

AMP is responsible for the testing and de-bugging of all pages for the website as well as the entire membership site.

AMP will ensure Client that once the site is launched, all necessary precautions and testing actions have been taken by AMP to ensure the smoothest running membership site possible.

Should errors or issues arise once site is launched, AMP agrees to provide Client with expedited technological support to rectify any errors and mitigate any potential negative effect on membership acquisition.

• All sequences and automated emails, voice broadcasts, text messages, newsletters, and other media marketing built according to map (campaigns – does not include content)

AMP will graphically design email templates to be used in the course of various campaigns and auto responses.

Client understands that some auto responses will be in text format which will be detailed in the final map.

Campaigns – email campaigns will be detailed and graphically presented by AMP to Client for approval (once Client had provided content).  Each campaign will be mapped along with the sequencing of launching so that each campaign builds upon the other.  Campaigns should include a specific goal section to outline the primary objective of the campaign.  Then AMP will ensure a subsequent report can be provided to Client once the campaign is launched that will detail the specific analytics and provide a measurement tool as to the success level of that particular campaign.

AMP will recommend a text message sequence and Client will provide specific feedback.  Once campaign is mapped/detailed and specific goals are identified, AMP will coordinate the scheduling of the text messages and will provide the platform for distribution.  This will be managed by AMP according to the schedule approved by Client.  Analytics/reporting will be provided by AMP at the conclusion of each text messaging sequence in order for Client to determine the success level of the campaign.

AMP will provide Client with recommended usage of voice broadcast services with specific regards to marketing campaigns.  Once the sequence is created, Client has provided copy/audio files, goals have been determined,

AMP will then implement the voice broadcasting services and coordinate the scheduling of the messages and will provide the platform for distribution.  This will be managed by AMP according to the schedule approved by Client.  Analytics/reporting will be provided by AMP at the conclusion of each text messaging sequence in order for Client to determine the success level of the campaign.

• Follow up and drip marketing sequences mapped and built to highest Internet Marketing standards and approved by client (does not include content)

AMP will map all follow up and drip marketing campaigns.  Each will have a goal attached to it, Client will provide copy and AMP will provide Client with detailed analytics reporting at the end of each month so Client can measure the success level of this activity.  Drip marketing campaigns will include, but not be limited to, referral program, repeat customer offers, new product offers, etc.

• HTML email template design and build for outgoing email communications

Client has the ability to easily provide AMP with a new promotion/recommendation for email campaign to a specific subset of the database.

• E-Commerce

• Consulting and mapping of e-commerce (see details above)

• Product input

• Promotional code creation

AMP will input initial promotional codes for Client and agrees as part of the monthly maintenance fee to input additional promotional codes as Client provides to AMP.

• Free trial creation

AMP will create a FREE trial program for membership that provides specific value components as agreed to by Client and AMP.  Once trial expires, AMP will provide the necessary automation tools to convert into a full-paying membership.  This will include capturing credit card initially as part of the trial program.  Any additional details will be mapped by AMP and Client in the initial process.

• Upsell consulting and implementation

AMP will provide consulting services regarding recommendation for funnel process, upselling, cross selling and the implementation of said programs.

• Subscription billing (see above)

• Successful purchase action creation and mapping.

AMP will map specifically the auto responses and notification process/emails once a purchase is made.  This will include notification of Client’s fulfillment center and any additional email notifications Client requests.  AMP will provide detailed monthly reporting regarding all sales activities through the site.

• Declined purchase creation and mapping

AMP to specifically outline the process and auto responses that a person will receive for a declined purchase.  This includes a detailed reason send to the purchaser so that he/she may easily rectify the situation and continue with the purchase.

• Error purchase creation and mapping

AMP to specifically outline the process and auto responses that a person will receive for an error in purchase.  This includes a detailed reason or red notation on the screen so the purchaser may easily rectify the situation and continue with the purchase.

• Online Marketing Campaigns

AMP to design, run, build, and manage online marketing campaigns. (Cost of campaigns to be passed on to Client. EX: Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Banner Placement, PPC, etc.)

AMP to design and run and track responses to campaigns through testing, edits, and split testing.


Affiliate Module Includes:

• Consulting and mapping of affiliate marketing plan

AMP will consult with Client to determine the most appropriate affiliates for maximum results and map the affiliate plan.

AMP will then create a marketing strategy designed specifically to target these affiliates.

• Affiliate recruitment/notification campaigns designed and imported according to map and approved by client (does not include content)

• Affiliate programs designed and built according to map and approved by client

• Affiliate commission structure built according to map and approved by client

• Affiliate resources, redirect, and banners imported (does not include content)

Social Media Includes:

• Personal branding from new site copied into all social media platforms

• All social media platforms integrated to new website

• Facebook opt in forms and redesign to look and feel as website does

• Consult on Social Media automation and integration

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$40,000 & $1000 per month

Production schedule – Based upon initial meeting with AMP and client, a production schedule will be created outlining specific tasks, duties and responsibilities.  Each will be assigned a due date and this will become the production schedule that AMP and Client agree to abide by.