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AutoMarketing Pros LLC Affiliate Commission Structure

Any package sold that was a referral from an Affiliate of AutoMarketing Pros LLC will result in a commission being earned by the referring Affiliate. AutoMarketing Pros LLC will pay Affiliates the established commissions earned from sales in that calendar month.AutoMarketing Pros LLC agrees to pay 20% of the upfront investment to get into any AutoMarketing Pros LLC package. *AutoMarketing Pros LLC will pay 20% of the first month on coaching clients. **Not applicable on Social Media Packages or the Get Rich Be Free Webinar Series.AutoMarketing Pros LLC will only pay Affiliates upon receipt of client payment.If the client of AutoMarketing Pros LLC is on a payment plan for the upfront fee, the Affiliate commission will be paid out in accordance with the monthly payment plan.AutoMarketing Pros LLC affiliate agreement applies only to sales from referred clients, which are independent of event referrals or stage sales.

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