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Nate & Erin Bloom
Nate & Erin Bloom

As the owners of AutoMarketing Pros, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and welcome you to the next level of Internet marketing. We are very passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed, and look forward to getting to know you!

We hope to become an integral part of your business and watch your revenues skyrocket! With over 45 years combined experience in the business, we have been able to to develop a marketing product specifically designed to overcome the fundamental challenges that today’s entrepreneurs face. Fierce competition, lack of customer relationships, and little use of today’s technology are just some of these challenges that are the basis for the creation of AutoMarketing Pros.

Owner Nate Bloom is an Arizona native that grew up as an entrepreneur with his father, the worldwide famous custom painter and Hot Rod builder Denny Bloom. He actually never stopped growing! He stands seven feet tall and grew up with a love for business and basketball. He graduated from the well-known Mountain View High School in Mesa, Arizona in 1999 after winning a state championship in Basketball. He then attended Southern Utah University on a full-ride basketball scholarship studying business. Since then, he has played professional basketball all over the world, partnered with his father to create one of the world’s top Hot Rod shops, and a custom paint shop. He has lived overseas in Argentina, Mexico, and Tokyo, Japan for a number of years. He is fluent in Spanish and can do just fine with Japanese. He has been an entrepreneur since age 8, and has been virtually obsessed with all things business ever since. He made a career change from basketball over to the Internet in 2007, working for Infusionsoft, a highly sophisticated software company with some VERY respectable clientele. After working for Infusionsoft for several years, Nate has been able to marry his love of entrepreneurship with the technology and his Internet marketing knowledge to make any business succeed. Nate has helped literally hundreds of businesses succeed in the Internet marketing realm. He knows the entrepreneur, he is an entrepreneur, and he can help any entrepreneur achieve their goals and reach the highest potential possible. He loves people and prides himself in helping others realize the same dreams he has been able to. He has traveled all around the world, speaking to entrepreneurs at some of the top events out there. He has been working with some of the most respected business minds, speakers, and authors around, helping their businesses and growing their profits exponentially. He is a very hard worker and gets his drive and motivation from his young son Parker.

Owner Erin Hopkins is an Indiana native who grew up in Evansville, where the majority of her family still resides. She graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in business/marketing. After moving to Phoenix in 2003, she has worked in various aspects of business and marketing. Erin worked as the Director of Business Development of a third-party logistics company for several years, then made the decision to get into Internet marketing. She also worked for Infusionsoft in Arizona, mastering not only the product, but gaining the experience and knowledge to help any business. With her knowledge and expertise, she enables AutoMarketing Pros to help entrepreneurs online and offline. She has project management experience, organizational structure, sales force management, Internet marketing knowledge, and over six years of personal sales experience that give her the business savvy to AMP up anyone’s revenue. She has increased sales revenue over 1000% on a single account, and a has even had a client refer to her consulting help as the “Erinazation” of his company. She not only helps our customers, but she is an integral part of AutoMarketing Pros’ growth and success. Erin and Nate met at a software company in Phoenix Arizona and have been an unstoppable force ever since. They look forward to helping you!