A GREAT Start To A GREAT Year!

Wow, AutoMarketing Pros is off to the races! Our clients are seeing massive gains in revenue, our membership sites are signing up people like crazy (in some cases as many as 1100 people per day!), and our marketing plan for 2011 is an incredible one to say the least.

We were recently in Las Vegas where we met with Bill Walsh (Partner, venture capitalist, business coach, CEO and Founder of Powerteam International), Larry Benet (CEO and Co-Founder of SANG) and Marshall Sylver (CEO and Founder of Get Rich Radio). Looks like we will be a part of some very cool organizations this year, and some powerful events! We will be attending SANG on June 21-23 in Los Angeles, Residual Mastery on February 11-13 in Los Angeles, Rainmaker on February 18-20 in Irvine, Rainmaker on March 3-6 in Chicago, Financial Empowerment on March 17-20. These are just some of the events we will be hitting this quarter. Look for AutoMarketing Pros at the top events in your area!

Another update for you all on what e have planned this year, we are working with some of out world’s best selling author clients to finish our new book coming out. Very exciting. This should be out sometime this year at all of the top retailers, online in digital format, and iTunes.

Here is the tip of the month, as Les Brown always says… “Get out of your head and into your greatness.” The only thing holding you back is yourself. Stop thinking you can’t, or you don’t know how, or that it can’t happen to you. Turn off the news… these are all negative things. Go through your phone book, look at each contact in there, decide if they are a negative influence and bad energy, or they are great energy and will help drive you to reach your goals. If they are of the negative side of things, then delete. Trust me, to be successful you have to surround yourself with success and uplifting people. It is garbage in, and garbage stays… not garbage in, garbage out. Eliminate the negative, trash, and other bad influences and get out of your own way. Open the door to greatness with in you. Get back to being an entrepreneur!