A Call To Action…

Yesterday we spoke about websites and making them so they aren’t just a billboard. You don’t want traffic to just drive by with out calling or contacting you. Why do you think people shy away from these types of “call-to-action” sites on the web or billboards?
Consumer reports and the Sales And Marketing Executives Club in LA state that over 81% of all sales, across all industries are made after the 5th touch. What is a touch? A touch is any communication or marketing from your company. People are more likely to go online and self educate, hopping from site to site, looking for the best deal or more info on the right product / service to use or buy. How does this translate to your business? It means that if you have a call to action that is hard to find, or makes people call or contact you, you will probably not get people to do it. People want to self educate.

They do not and most likely will not pick up the phone and call. They want to do their own research and not be sold or told what to buy and when to buy it. You see, sales is all about timing. When it is right for them to buy, not when it is right for you to sell them. This is why it is so important to have an e-Book, free report, any free information, or even (my least favorite option) a discount offer in exchange for someone’s information. This will give your site visitors a peace of mind knowing that they can educate themselves and will also start building your list to market too. It is a win win. Tomorrow I will go over the importance of what happens to that person who gave you their information on your site.